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There is a new pitchers mound at Stengel!

The Falcons and GCC were fortunate to have an expert on hand to direct the rebuilding of the mound today.  Rene Garcia, from the Dodgers field crew, shaped and molded the new clay like a fine sculptor. It was truly a work of art...well at least to us baseball geeks!

Coach Torres, and GCC coaches Chris Cicuto and Woody Lopez, along with a handful of GCC players were also there to help apply the 120 bags of clay, weighing approximately 6000 pounds, to the new mound.

The process involved first removing the old base layer of dirt/clay, then laser leveling the new rubber to the exact height and distance from the plate, and finally applying the new clay to rebuild the mound.

Fueled by burritos, doughnuts, and gatorade the process was completed around lunch time.  One of the GCC players commented (in a dreamlike voice), "It's so nice, I want to sleep on it".

The new mound is definitely legit, and up to MLB standards.  The Falcons and GCC pitchers are lucky to have the opportunity to pitch on such a fine mound...I'm sure they won't issue a single walk all season now!

Thanks to Rene Garcia, and all that helped out today!

See you at the next game!

Stengel gets a new mound today
New Mound at Stengel