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Halloween Costume Competition 2013

The four competition workout teams competed on a whole different level than they are used.  Strength, speed, and endurance had nothing to do with this competition.  Creepy, weird, and disturbing best describes what took place.  It was the Halloween Costume Competition!

Each team was given a costume theme and the players definitely did not disappoint.  The themes were:

  • The Princesses
  • The Superheroes
  • The Wild Animals
  • The Cheerleaders

The Song Team (the actual real Song Team) decided which team had the best costumes including the overall team presentation which included some performances.  In the end, there was no stopping The Princesses who were by far the best dressed, and gave the best performance.  Their level of absolute creepiness was over the top.  Thankfully there were no small children around...there could have been some psychological damage!

Regardless of who took the title it was great to see how much the players got into the festivities and the camaraderie is evident in the pictures!

Can't wait to see what they do next year!!!