Pacific League Champions:  1997-1999, 2002-2008, 2012-2013
CIF Quarterfinalist:  2001 & 2007
CIF Division I Champions: 1998
The Falcons Fans enjoyed the first game of 2014, during a pre-season game at Stengel Field tonight, against La Canada.

Usually the players would be featured at this point, but tonight we are showing the fans some love.  With the holidays over, it is time to get serious about the upcoming baseball season.  The fans showed up, and eventually bundled up, to take in the game and watch the Falcons prepare for the upcoming season.

The Falcons program is known for its dedicated players and coaching staff, but the fans/parents are equally as dedicated! 

Hope to see you at the next game...

Falcons fans bundled up at the first game of 2014
Falcons Fans Enjoy
First Game of 2014